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Interview Training

Here at RPO Global, we believe that the best interviews not only find the right candidate for the role but also offer a professional experience for all involved.

Our Structured Interview Skills training program provides a practical tool-kit for identifying the best talent for your business, satisfying compliance needs, and reducing poor hiring decisions.

From the initial stages of CV assessment, to generating structured feedback, our program teaches hiring managers how to gather and evaluate the most relevant information about the candidate at each phase of the interview process.

Delegates will learn during our structured interview training

● How to conduct effective interviews with the use of a pre-interview checklist.
● How to start an interview correctly, engage the applicant and outline the conversation format.
● How to assess the candidate’s CV to identify areas of interest, gaps and work experience suitability.
● How to gain and evaluate structured responses from candidates as a measure of potential and alignment of values.
● How to identify personal traits through personality based questioning.
● How to close out an interview and generate structured feedback.
● What types of questions to avoid in interviews for legal/compliance purposes.
● The importance of the candidate experience and the responsibility of all staff to sell the company.

Each of these critical factors is taught via live discussions, Q&As, practical exercises and role play. Our interactive teaching method allows delegates to directly address any unique queries that may arise.


Interview skills training

Throughout the session, delegates have the opportunity to:

● Discuss real, past or current cases with the trainer to address common obstacles in the interview process.
● Define managers' desired competencies in new hires based on team values, and develop questions for future use in interviews.
● Practice learned questioning and evaluation techniques with their peers.

Upon the completion of this program, delegates will have the competence and confidence to conduct structured interviews that create a 360° view of candidates. Allowing for smarter and quicker hiring decisions during this pivotal stage of your business’s talent strategy.


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